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Website Protoypes


A modern, brochure style header design perfect for smaller startup sites and progressive organisations.

Elements within the header section are streamlined to only show the most important details – logo, navigation and optional call to action & search.


For sites where a traditional text navigation is not required, a modern ‘hamburger’ icon to trigger an off-screen navigation provides a clean, minimalist interface with strong focus on the site content & imagery.

More suited to organizations targeting a savvy, internet native and mobile first audience.

Modern Website


An alternate style of website navigation where the logo, navigation and primary functions are placed on the side of the screen, allowing a full height content panel.

This style is most suited to organizations, artists, agencies and those looking for a fresh look to stand out from the norm.

Vertical Website


The traditional website design gives an authoritative look, suiting organisations, news and community based sites.

Generally works best for larger sites.

Classic Website
Our homepage managed to get perfect PageSpeed scores with basic optimisation.

Performance is built in

With a modular and bloat free approach, Pro Sites achieves consistently high Page Speed Insights scores with little effort.

We’ve designed it based on extensive User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) research.

Brand Manager, Editor and Developer friendly

For Brand Managers - Improve speed to market & brand integrity

Our integrated system is design provides easy administration of of any site or network. layout publishing tools to ensure your content stays on brand.

For Content Publishers - Easy editing workflow with minimal training

For editors we’ve focused on efficiency and consistency to enable swift production. Stop drowning in settings and clicks to make simple content edits.

For Developers - Enjoy a bloat & nag free open source dev stack

Featuring a modular template system, custom modifier CSS classes and built in code mode Pro Sites enables a rapid, clean production environment offering complete control.

Modern web publishing tools

Easy Content Editing

Modern, content first design

Modular layout system

Simplified site settings

Mobile and tablet friendly

Search engine friendly

Form Workflows

Quick links module

Term planner & calendar options

Advanced security

Analytics & integrations

Support available

Easy for non-technical users and fast for developers

As simple as sending an email…

Using the traditional desktop publishing tools users are already familiar with makes editing and administration tasks quick and painless.

No learning curve

Editors wont need to learn a new interface to find and perform simple text and image edits.

Clean code, rapid production

Developers can make site updates without wasting clicks. Over-ride templates easily or use the code panel to add quick styling updates.

Enhancing the user experience

Floating Contact Helper

A global contact widget available on every page of our site, with optimised desktop and mobile views.

Perfect for quick contact options that are always present.

Global System Messages

Site-wide announcements and acknowledgements are a breeze with our global system message setup for the header and footer.

Ideal for timely offers and important messages with a simple setup.


Add a feature set of links to the footer or throughout the site.

Ideal for dedicated workflows, third party services and site goals.

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Build it yourself

Snap together modules and add your own content, if you can send an email, you can build and manage your own site.

  • System admin
  • Configuration & branding
  • Video training
  • Go live & security
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Managed Project

Our design and content teams will assist to polish your content and deliver a finished solution to your timeline.

  • Project Management
  • Design consultation
  • Content support
  • Go live & security
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Enterprise & Custom

Custom installations & multi-channel solutions for larger content teams and publishing professionals.

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